Overcome your stuggles with weight loss and 

Learn EXACTLY how I lost 90+ pounds, so you can too!
If you're overweight and have a stressful time losing weight then this is for you!
“Don’t give yourself permission to continue to live a small life. You can’t fit a big dream into a small life.”
I’ve learned to give yourself permission to lose weight. It’s okay if you don’t have the body yet. ⁣⁠
It’s alright to not know how to start. ⁣⁠
The start might be hard and embarrassing but one thing I can share with you from losing 80lbs is that⁣⁠
once I’ve jumped through the hurdles of feeling uncomfortable it have shaped me into having bulletproof confidence within myself.⁣⁠
The only way to start believing in yourself is to START!⁣⁠
Stop making excuses. ⁣⁠
If you’re thinking about starting or to continue your weight loss journey don’t be afraid to initiate the first step and NEVER LOOK BACK. ⁣⁠⁣⁠
This weight loss journey has been the BEST THING I’ve pursued in my life.

I will help you get started for free!
Here's why you need this guide:
I was 330 lbs and struggled with losing weight. It was frustrating to constantly feel uncomfortable in my own skin. I started plenty of diets and failed miserably. I would hope to lose weight but didn’t see any results. 

I felt that many trainers and program didn’t understand my struggles with being obese and the workouts were just too difficult. 

I picked out the good things I’ve learned from everyone and discarded the rest.

And created something that was simple, sustainable, and enjoyable for a big person like me. 

It got me to go from 330lbs down to 243 lbs, After losing over 90 lbs I feel happy, powerful, & desirable!

About Rav Lochan
Hey, I'm Rav Lochan

I'm glad you're here!

I help people that struggle with weight loss to lose weight & be consistent using the Unrounded 3 Step System that I've created.
I've lost over 90lbs and helped other people overcome their stuggles with weight loss. 


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